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5 Hair Care Tips to Win the War on Static Hair

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Can't seem to get rid of the flyaways? When the weather gets cold and dry it's hard to shake the static cling, and with that, hard to style your hair as usual.

So, what is static hair and how does it happen?

When the temperature drops and the air dries up, electrons which are negatively-charged, fly off your hair, leaving your strands with positive charges that resist each other.

Central heating, humidity, over-enthusiastic brushing... there can be many causes of static hair, but most of the time it comes down to the weather. Cool and dry temperatures are the main culprit for static hair

Girls with thin, limp, fine and vulnerable hair seem to get hit the hardest with the static woes. Hair sticks to cheeks, flies away from our heads and pretty much ruins any opportunity of taking the perfect Instagram candid.

To help tackle and eliminate the flyaways for good, there's a few easy tips that can help you battle your static hair - and fast.

5 Hair Care Tips to Reduce Static Hair

1. Avoid using a plastic hairbrush and instead use a metal brush- as metal is conductive it will reduce the static in your hair

2. Run some hair serum over your ends - focusing the hair product on the bottom of your hair will get static hair under control quite well!

3. Brush your hair with hair spray - spray your hairbrush with hairspray then run through your hair to tame flyaways

4. Apply a leave-in product on the go - a quick fix is to carry a bottle of leave-in conditioner or oil while on the go, running a small amount through your hair with your fingers, as the moisture in the product will get rid of the electric charge that causes static

5. Shampoo less often - the more you shampoo the more you are stripping your hair with natural oils. Instead of washing your hair every day, wait a few days or so until your next wash. If you have greasy hair, try combatting this with a dry shampoo (but keep an eye on your level of product to avoid drying out your hair)

As static hair has never been a trend, and likely never will be, you'll be ready and confident to get rid of any annoying flyaway frizzes that come your way. Armed with the right resources and knowledge, your hair can now look and style the way you want it, all year round!

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