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Why Does My Hair Get so Dry?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Many women suffer from dry hair problems and not many are aware of dry hair causes. Many resort to temporary treatments such as chemical straightening and heat styling which damage the hair all the more in the long run.

The causes of dry hair are simple lifestyle related which can be easily rectified. The main cause for dry hair is that the natural oil in your hair is being ripped off totally and regularly.

Today we're talking about the common causes of dry hair, and ways to combat the dehydration to restore and bring life back to your hair this season!

Common Causes of Dry Hair

  • Your scalp isn’t making enough moisture

  • You brush your hair too often

  • Over-washing or using a harsh shampoo is stripping away your hair's natural oils

  • You are blow drying your hair too often, especially when you apply alcohol-based styling products first

  • You're using heated hair straighteners or curling irons too often

  • You are exposing your hair to lots of sun, wind, or dry air

  • The chemical treatments, including dyes, perms, and relaxers you're applying to your hair are drying out the moisture in your hair

  • You are using the wrong hair care products

  • You don’t nourish your ends causing dryness and split ends

Solutions to Resolve Dry Hair

  • Wash your hair less often to keep the natural oils in your hair

  • Use hair products that don’t have alcohol because it is drying

  • Use a mild shampoo made specifically to help dry hair because it will have fewer drying detergents

  • Massage jojoba oil or coconut oil into your scalp to replenish moisture

  • Condition your hair every time you wash it

  • Avoid flat irons, curling irons, and electric roller

  • Use protective hair products when exposing your hair to heat or sun

After you've tried these techniques, if your hair is still dry and brittle, talk to your Altered Images Hair & Beauty Hair Stylist about your concerns. We'll be happy to talk to you about your hair quality, what concerns you may be having, and provide expert advice on ways to combat dryness!

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