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2020 New Year Skin Resolutions

Welcome 2020, we're so excited to see you!

We've left 2019 far behind, and with the New Year we're excited to make this year one for our skin to thrive.

So let's kick off the New Year with a few key skin resolutions. Nothing too difficult, but a few key resolutions that will not only get your skincare routine organised but your skin feeling and looking at its best.

So check out our 2020 New Year skin resolutions below!

❣️Double cleansing

We recommend removing makeup as your first cleanse, then using your regular daily cleanser to remove any excess makeup, dirt and oils to ensure your face is completely clean at the end of each day

❣️More frequently changing mascara

While most of our makeup can last up to 6 months - 1 year, it's best to toss mascara after about 3 months. It has a shorter lifespan than other products, and because of the nature of the product it can carry a higher risk of transferring bacteria back and forth from your eyes to the tube. Eye infections definitely aren't cute!

❣️Regularly cleaning makeup brushes

Cleaning our makeup brushes regularly is SO important to maintaining healthy and clear skin. We recommend every 7-10 days to give them a good clean. Makeup brushes can become built up with oil, dust, dirt and skin cells, which is pretty much everything that bacteria loves! Just rinse them with water water and massage an antibacterial soap into the bristles. Do this a few times to ensure all brushes are thoroughly cleaned!

❣️Wear sunscreen more regularly

We're all getting better at wearing sunscreen and including it as part of our daily skincare routine, but we may not be using the right amount. Most of us use too little sunscreen, where we should be using about 1/3 a teaspoon of sunscreen on our face and neck.

❣️Drink more water

Water is SO important for your skin and health. No only does it help our skin maintaining optimal moisture, but it also can improve elasticity and reduce fine lines. Your face can also look less puffy because your body retains water when it's dehydrated. Bonus!!

Water is also critical to flushing out toxins in the body, boosting blood flow to the skin, as well as treating problems like eczema and acne.

❣️Regularly seeing your Beauty Therapist

Regular skin treatments will work to improve your skin quality, aid skin rejuvenation and improve skin tone. Where at-home treatments can prepare and improve your skin quality to a certain point, working with a qualified Beauty Therapist will allow you to capitalise on receiving high grade skin treatments that can more efficiently get your skin to where you want it to be.

Not only can at-home products and treatments be costly to buy, but some can be quite dangerous to use without proper instruction and expertise. Numerous cases of electrical and heat burns have been reported from at-home devices, as well as skin scarring and worsened skin conditions reported.

In the Altered Images Hair & Beauty Salon we offer a range of facials, waxing, rejuvenation and skin-condition treatments that will aid improving your skin concerns. Talk to our fabulous Beauty Therapist Mary for more information!

So to sum up our 2020 New Year skin resolutions, these small but effective resolutions will not only work to improve your skincare routine, but will also lead to significant long-term changes to your skin health and quality.

Our skin does so much for us, so let's give it some TLC this year ✨

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